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Class Details

Age:  18 months - 3 years old

Class Size:  Maximum 8 children per class with 2 teachers


The Mandarin Playgroup consists of a curriculum based on singing, educational puzzles and toys, and several other activities. This course offers a chance for children to grow more comfortable with the Mandarin language, their self confidence, and their social and group-work skills. Through arts and crafts, children are also given the opportunity to test their creative skills.


The programme includes: Songs, Rhymes, Puzzles, Educational Toys, Games, Arts and Crafts, Storytelling, and Music Movement.



Class MP  Mon - Fri     8:30 - 10:00am  

Class MP  Mon - Fri   10:15 - 11:45pm

Class MP  Sat             9:00 - 10:00am


Duration: 90 minutes per class

Fee:       $400 once a week          (per class)

             $380 twice a week         (per class)

             $350 three times a week  (per class) 

             (based on a 2 month term) 



Two months per term.  During a term you may enroll in more than one class per day or week. 

All guardians need to wear socks during the session.


CCTV is in operation 24 hours in the center and all classrooms.

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Mandarin Playgroup
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