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Mandarin Playgroup

Age:  18 months - 3 years old

Class Size:  Maximum 8 children per class with 2 teachers


The Mandarin Playgroup consists of a curriculum based on singing, educational puzzles and toys, and several other activities. This course offers a chance for children to grow more comfortable with the Mandarin language, their self confidence, and their social and group-work skills. More....

Mandarin Learn-n-Play

Age:  2.5 years old - 3 years old (Group 1)

        3 years old - 4 years old    (Group 2)

        4 years old - 5 years old    (Group 3)


Class Size:  Maximum 8 children per class with 2 teachers


Mandarin Learn N’ Play is a more advanced take on the Mandarin Playgroup curriculum. This course utilizes music, singing, educational games, and several other activities to improve the students’ Mandarin skills. More...

Little Penguin 

Age:  Walker to 17 months


Class Size: Maximum 8 children per class with 2 teachers


The Little Penguin class is an advanced take on the Little Seal curriculum, with a focus on singing, movement, and sensory integration. Toddlers in this course will sing Mandarin songs, rhymes, and interact with props as well as other activities. Through this class the students will improve in their self-confidence, social interaction, and comfort with Mandarin, thus benefitting them in their later learning years. More...

Little Seal 

Age:  6 months to crawling


Class Size:  Maximum 8 children per class with 2 teachers


Our Little Seal programme teaches Mandarin through singing and movement. Our institution focuses on early brain development for children, especially for their physical, social, and personal skills. We will introduce the students to activities including singing Mandarin songs, rhymes, and sensory integration (hands-on props while singing). More...

Mandarin Playgroup Programmes

We provide Mandarin Playgroup classes according to child's age and ability. See our classes below: 

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